The Garden City Community College Endowment

About The Endowment

GCCC Endowment Association is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization that exists “to aid, foster and promote the development and welfare of the Garden City Community College, and the education and welfare of its students, faculty, and alumni.”

We accomplish our mission by actively seeking monetary gifts and bequests and by building and cultivating relationships. Contributions are received and administered in a prudent manner and in accordance with our bylaws and the donors’ wishes. Last year alone we provided $447,000 in academic and technical scholarships to 1,207 students and $44,196 in grant funds for academic support.

An Independent Organization

GCCC Endowment Association is a nonprofit organization, separate from Garden City Community College. Independence helps to ensure that gifts will be used as donors intended. It also allows us to keep donors’ personal giving and financial records private.

Operating Expenses

Many endowments or foundations cover operating costs by charging fees on gifts, but we allocate 100% of the principal of every gift for the purpose designated by the donor. We cover operating expenses through a portion of the return on our investments.


Three full time staff members carry out daily work and we’re extremely grateful for approximately 400 dedicated volunteers each year that help with events. Thirty-five dedicated volunteer community leaders serve on the Endowment Association Board of Directors, the governing body of GCCC Endowment.