Our Team of Experts

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Jason & Jennifer Dougherty

Jamie Ellis
Office Manager

Jamie, aka "the glue", keeps everything together and running smoothly!  When no one else has the answer, you can probably get it from her.

Customer Service Manager

This is Lily.  She handles customer complaints and also plans our annual company picnic.  Honestly, she's not very good at her job, so if you have an issue, it might be best to just contact the department manager.

Lily is pretty selfish and will only pay attention to you if you have treats.  If you do have a complaint, she will do pretty much whatever you ask so long as you bring her treats...  She can be bribed.

We would probably fire her, but she's so darned cute and I doubt she would leave anyway.

Office Staff

She enjoys spending time with her family, travel and meet new people. She helps everyone that steps into the office, provides excellent customer service and is a Jill of all trades.



Carrie Anne Ellison
Business Development Manager

Carrie Anne once had a race with the energizer bunny and she won!  She is new to Garden City and lives in Holcomb with her husband and their daughter.  She loves to ensure that every customer has a fantastic experience at Legacy!

Alberto "The Jeep Guy"
Sales and Leasing

Alberto loves everything "Jeep" and connecting with other like-minded people.  When you don't find him selling them, you'll find him spending weekends upgrading and enjoying his own Wrangler.  Alberto loves to sell everything Mopar so don't hesitate to reach out to him for any new or pre-owned vehicle.

Mark Perez
Sales Consultant

Mark is a Garden City Native and graduate of Garden City High School.  He grew up in the restaurant and salsa business with his family, but cars are his real passion.

Mike "The Marine" Ibarra
Sales and Leasing Specialist

Mike has been a resident of Garden City since 1967.  After exiting the Marine Corpse in 1977, Mike came back home to Garden City.  He is married with two grown children and four grand children.  Mike has been in sales for over 20 years and is happy to help you with your next vehicle purchase.

Storm Denison
New Vehicle Sales Manager

Storm has been a resident of Garden City since 1981.  Between radio and sales, Storm brings over 35 years experience talking your ear off!  Storm enjoys golf and announcing rodeos.  He brings experience and personality which reflects on customer experience. Storm is the person to come see with all of your RAM questions and needs. Come and see Storm for your next New vehicle, or just a good story.

Sheali Brown
Sales Consultant



Jarod Smitherman
Service Advisor

If you can get Jarod to stop clowning around for a few minutes, you'll find him working diligently to ensure that all of your service needs are met.  He knows vehicles and he enjoys people.  Jarod plays guitar at his church, and loves his family.



Abigail Dougherty
Business Manager

Other than having the best Dad in the world, Abigail also has the best Dad in the world.  She also likes fishing.  If you have a chance to talk to Abigail, be sure and ask her about her Dad!